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Manage flood risks, address the lack of affordable finance for renewal of degraded living environments.

FSH and its technical support structure. URBASEN are implementing a project to rehabilitate and rebuild the housing (house and neighbourhood) damaged by the floods in the suburbs of Dakar.

This project is based on the participatory audit of the territory (collaborative and drone mapping) and the development of a sustainable and self-managed financial tool (rotating fund) through the use of community saving.

The Federation now has more than 300 savings groups (approximately 8,000 people) and has rehabilitated 420 houses since 2015 through the €300,000 revolving fund, bringing together and training more than 200 local artisans.

It develops other projects, such as participatory neighbourhood planning, peer-to-peer training of savings groups, community journalism, land tenure security and new housing construction.

WhereDAKAR SUBURBStrategySupport programme for the FÉDÉRATION SÉNÉGALAISE DES HABITANTS (rebuilding of damaged housing)PartnersURBASAN, URBAMONDE, SENEGALESE FEDERATION OF RESIDENTSWhenJanuary 2018 - December 2020Share
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