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About us

Above all, FAP Learning Lab is a learning network bringing together practitioners engaged in the issue of precarious housing internationally. This network made up of various partners supported by the Fondation Abbé Pierre worldwide is formed to serve social transformation through housing.
The team

In order to better respond to today's urban challenges, the objective of FAP Learning Lab is to strengthen the various practitioners around the following axes:

(reference framework for intervention around housing in a complex environment, methodological sheets, change-oriented approaches, consideration of issues related to gender and environment, etc.);

Common, accessible, practical and scalable.
Around topics of common interest.

on topics requiring a rise in skills on the part of operators;

on topics requiring a rise in skills on the part of operators;

Around the world

Projects to work with residents of precarious neighbourhoods to develop a dignified living environment adapted to climate change.

One-third of the world’s urban population lives in neighbourhoods not planned by public authorities, often termed “shanty towns”. The issue of precarious housing is therefore a central urban issue, as neighbourhoods built autonomously that are noncompliant with public standards represent the major form of urbanization. Engaging in the support of informal urbanization is today an essential means of supporting neglected people and families, often in vulnerable situations within highly unequal societies.

The Fondation Abbé Pierre leads and financially supports a network of international solidarity organizations committed in the field of precarious urban housing. In general, the projects implemented aim at a sustainable improvement in the living conditions of the targeted people, notably by promoting their empowerment and the economic development of their homes.

Partner organizations

Partner organizations that intend to contribute to the improvement of housing conditions in neglected areas.

Fondation Abbé Pierre

The commitment of Fondation Abbé Pierre in precarious neighbourhoods.

In response to today’s urban challenges, and in addition to its past action to combat poor housing in France, Fondation Abbé Pierre has financed and supported housing construction, renovation and rehabilitation projects internationally since its creation. In recent years, action in the field has been reinforced by advocacy work for the right to the city and the right to housing.

Thus, home improvement operations represent, beyond their own value, a means of encouraging collective mobilizations for advocacy purposes. By positioning itself in this way, the Foundation asserts a rights-based approach (the right to the city, the right to housing). The FAP Learning Lab platform is a good way to support this vision.

Discover our projects

Housing construction, renovation and rehabilitation projects internationally.

Ongoing Projects
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