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Audit and rehabilitate housing, develop the urban planning capacity of residents of precarious neighbourhoods, strengthen local capacities in environmental and living environment management, audit agricultural production dynamics, share experiences, support project management, act to support affordable housing financing.

The project supports local initiatives promoting socio-economic and urban integration in the Boassa district.

It aims to contribute to the integration of the non-cadastral district of Boassa into the urban planning of Ouagadougou. This makes it possible to work on reducing the housing insecurity among residents in the neighbourhood by setting up a rotating housing fund and a building assistance scheme. The project makes it possible to equip populations in precarious neighbourhoods with tools to improve the management of their environment and living environment.

Another of the objectives is to generate dynamics at national and sub-regional level.

WhereDAKAR SUBURBStrategyParticipatory project to improve the informal neighbourhood of BoassaPartnersYAAM SOLIDARITY, CRATERRE, URBAMONDE URBASEN, FELAM, GRDR, CARTONG, COOPTERREWhenJanuary 2018 - December 2020ResourceDownloadShare
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