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Promote urban development, reduce the housing insecurity for vulnerable families and sustainably improve the living conditions of vulnerable populations in the city of Canchungo. The project aims to promote concerted urban governance, enabling in particular:

  • The least well-off to contribute to choices relating to urban development;
  • The definition of consensual actions based on a concerted dialogue with the different actors of the city;
  • Limit environmental risks;
  • Support the development in the construction, drinking water, sanitation and energy sectors in order to:
    • Ensure a varied offer that meets the needs of both the wealthy and the least well-off social classes;
    • Enable young people who so wish to enter these sectors professionally;
    • Limit the energy and environmental costs of housing.
WherePRECARIOUS URBAN COMMUNITIES OF PHNOM PENHStrategyHabitat and improvement of living conditions of precarious communities in Phnom PenhPartnersPLANÈTE ENFANTS & DÉVELOPPEMENT (PE&D) & Samatapheap Khnom Organization (SKO)WhenJuly 2018 - June 2021Share
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