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Combat the phenomenon of abandonment of children and improve the living conditions and housing of abandoned Romanian children.

The project aims to support the strategy of closing the last most unsuitable placement centres in the country. The project includes three phases: prevention, reintegration including rehabilitation or construction of housing (improvement of living conditions allows families to keep children with them), and socio-professional integration of adolescents.

The project provides for the establishment of a multidisciplinary team (psychologist, social workers) recruited, trained and monitored by SERA ROMANIA, and the development of a methodology and economic model reproducible in other departments. At the end of the implementation of the scheme, the team is taken over and managed by the Departmental Directorate for Child Protection.

WhereDepartment of BacauStrategyIntegrated approach to social inclusion, including housing rehabilitation or constructionPartnersCare France, Sera RomaniaWhenPhase 1 : 1st January 2019 - 30th June 2020Share
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