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Improve housing for disadvantaged people (particularly women with the Nicaraguan women’s association), safeguard and improve know-how in anti-earthquake and anti-cyclone construction, contribute to the autonomy of the local partner.

  • Design of the home with residents: discussion on the needs and wishes of the family, proposal of several plans; scalable model;
  • Construction of houses with the participation of masons and residents;
  • Training and strengthening of training for masons in raw earth construction and block construction;
  • Interventions and exchanges with people or organisations with different knowledge.
WhereDepartment of GranadaStrategyProgramme to improve housing and living conditionsPartnersHABITAT-CITÉWhenThree-year programmes 2011-2013; 2014-2016; 2017-2019. End of October 2018 by mutual agreement between HABITAT-CITÉ and FONDATION ABBÉ PIERRE due to the political context.Share
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