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Improve the living conditions of vulnerable people (comfort, access to hygiene, dignity, accessibility and autonomy). Meet the basic needs of vulnerable people, so that they can devote themselves to other aspects of their lives (health, education, income, community organisation, etc.).The goals of the project include improving the health of residents by promoting PADEM helps develop a network of knowledge and actions of four local NGOs specializing in social change for different types of vulnerable populations. The organisation identifies and assesses needs, provides decent housing (house or yurt construction, renovation, insulation, transformation) tailored to the specific needs of these vulnerable people, and increases access to their fundamental rights.

WhereYURT DISTRICTS IN ULAANBAATAR AND BAYANKHANKAI VILLAGEStrategyImproving housing conditions for vulnerable populations in MongoliaPartnersPADEM, in partnership with local organisations HLO, MONES, MNFB and PTAWhenMay 2018-October 2019Share
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