Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS section of the FAP LEANING LAB website!


The first 3 steps

I subscribe to the groups by clicking on THEMATICS GROUPS

Click on Join Group on all the groups that interest you. Thus, you will receive notifications of updates from the group.
Once subscribed, they will appear in gray and you will be able to leave each group by clicking on Leave Group

I become friends with the members I want to exchange with by clicking on MEMBERS

Click on Add friend to ask to be a friend then once “friend” you can send him private messages by clicking on Message.


I have already done the first 3 steps.

I wish to exchange, testify and inform myself:
Activity : I post news / I answer them, I comment or share them.

As soon as you are logged in, you will be automatically redirected to the Activity page.

This page is the main gateway to the community of practices and lists, via the news feed, everything that has been done by members of the community on the site.

The Chat bubble at the bottom of the page allows you to chat with one of the people connected
by clicking on his name or with all the people connected by clicking on PUBLIC CHATROOM

Mail: I want to send a private mail to a member of the community.

I click on the envelope located at the top of the page and I write to the members with whom I am “friend” by clicking on Compose then by looking for his name or the name of the structure.

I would like to learn about / get feedback from the community on a thematic issue
Forums :

I ask background questions in the OUR LEARNING LAB tab when entering from the THEMATICS GROUPS space.
On OUR LEARNING LAB , I find all the questions / answers that I launched on the different themes.

Medias :

It is the space on which I find all the resources editorialized by the
Abbé Pierre Foundation having an interest for the whole group.

I wish to propose or participate in an event, a time of exchange or a training
Activity :

I can add new events by clicking on Add Event on the right of the screen.

I complete the name of the event and the description. I complete the date and time of the event, the name of the organizer and the zoom link or others if it is an online event, then I click on SUBMIT FOR REVIEW or PUBLISH for the event to be validated and published.

Events :

It is the space where I see all the events to come.



I wish to add a NEWS article that will appear on the public part of the site
Activity: I propose an article on the news of my organization for all the visitors of the site.

Then click on the Add Public Post button which is located on the right side of the screen.

I complete the name of the article, the description and I press + to add a photo or video.

I add a photo of illustrations in landscape format of less than 600 KB in Featured Image then I click on SUBMIT so that the FAP publishes my article.

I would like to report bugs or suggestions for improvement of the platform

If during your navigation on you spot bugs and you want to tell us about them or you have suggestions to improve this version of the platform, please let us know. share on this link:

View the bug tracker
I would like the site to appear in French and not in English

At the top right is a drop-down list where you can choose the site’s default language.

I need help, I can't do it, I want to talk to someone

To view or review the training session, click here .

To ask a question or reach an administrator:
Thierry Hergault / Abbé Pierre Foundation:
Cécile Courrèges / Faireprod: