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A comic book on life in the urban poor communities of Phnom Penh

With the end of the first 3-year phase of the HaLI* project in June 2021, Planète Enfants & Développement (PE&D) is publishing a comic book to summarize its work in the field. Capitalizing on its actions to share its experiences and learnings is one of the objectives of this comic book, which PE&D has produced and disseminated to relevant stakeholders.



It highlights the journey of a struggling couple that PE&D supports to improve its overall living and housing conditions. The story of this couple is more or less the one of the 282 families who have benefited from family support by HaLI social workers over the past three years. It is also the story of women victims of domestic violence who have followed a cycle of economic empowerment, through financial literacy training, the creation of savings groups, training in management and in the launching of micro-businesses. This allowed them to take a different place in the household, to acquire more financial autonomy and to break taboos in the couple. Lastly, it is also the story of 103 families who were able to co-finance renovation work on their homes to protect themselves from climate hazards and to live with more dignity.

After three years of implementation, we are now starting a second 3-year phase in other urban poor communities of Phnom Penh who take into consideration lessons learned from phase 1. Out of the eight targeted, we have already identified four in the North of Phnom Penh, on the outskirts of the city.

* HaLI : Housing and Living Conditions Improvement in urban poor communities of Phnom Penh

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