Reduce slum-housing, integrate into the market economy, build housing and develop local cooperative approaches.


Montreuil, Île de France, France

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    WECO Montreuil

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  • When

    2014 - 2021

QUATORZE has developed a model of socially responsible property development called WECO, based on increasing housing density in vacant properties. This involves the construction of new housing, which, when sold at scale, provides financing for rehabilitation of vacant properties to house people living in slums.

The WECO programme works on five key stages with slum residents: socio-territorial diagnosis, in situ stabilisation, integration through employment, heritage enhancement and relocation.

WECO operates as an ecosystem, currently made up of the cooperative investment fund WECO INVEST, the cooperative property development company WECO MONTREUIL, and the association QUATORZE, which manages the spin-off of the model.